Bitcoin Core Desktop Launcher for Linux

I know it is sometimes considered sacrilege in the linux world, but I still like to use a GUI for some stuff instead of the command line. All of my commonly used apps have fancy desktop icons that I launch them from. Recently, I switched from using the snap version of Bitcoin Core to the manually downloaded version. The reason I switched was because it is annoying and sometimes impossible to configure the correct permissions for snap apps. In this case I needed bitcoin-qt to safely access a tor AuthCookie which it couldn't do without changing the permissions of things to be too loose

Regardless, the manually installed version of Bitcoin Core does not come with a fancy desktop icon for launching. So I use the file below the create one. If you installed Bitcoin Core following the linux instructions on the website, you should be able to create a file with more or less the exact same contents as below and it'll work.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Bitcoin Core

There are a few different places you can put the .desktop file and the icon file for this to work. I chose to put the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications and the icon .svg file in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps.

Here is the SVG if you don't have it.

Bitcoin SVG

P.S. If you are on Ubuntu an experiences weird issues with the Bitcoin icon in the system tray, run this command and then the next time you re-login it the tray icon should be fixed.

$ sudo sh -c 'echo export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 >> /etc/environment'

There ya go. Now you can launch bitcoin-qt and click "Add to favorites" to give it a permanent home in your dock.